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27-Feb-2020 21:04

About this time a small band from another branch of “mt DNA mutants”—L3—decided to seek better weather and food by bravely crossing the Gate of Tears off the horn of Africa.

They entered the Arabian peninsula—-and from there, this band of 200 or less people would go on to populate the rest of the World.

It will pressure the Israeli government to stop doing what endangers Israelis, which is committing aggressive acts against Israel’s neighbors.

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This trait would have been recessive in her daughter descendants, dominated by their brown-eyed mates.…

Here is a previous example of how this has worked: When the USA cut its funding for Indonesia’s genocide against East Timor, which the USA was funding almost exclusively, Indonesia was forced to stop and withdraw.

All it took was cutting off our illegal flow of money and weapons to the criminals.

Her people were destined to be the only species of hominids that would survive, but right now they’re not the only “people” by far…Neanderthals and Homo Erectus still dominate most of the planet.

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But this lady is special because of all the women walking with her, she alone will be the direct maternal line ancestor of every person alive on the planet today.But Israel is the USA’s main imperial – and nuclear – base for controlling the Middle East, which US planners, in 1945, called the greatest material prize in world history, due to the oil and gas.